We learn in John 1:3 that “all things were made through [Jesus], and without Him nothing was made that was made.” So Jesus was the Creator in Genesis 1. He put Adam to sleep in chapter 2 and formed Eve so wonderfully that it made Adam wax poetic (Gen. 2:23). He brought Eve to Adam and performed the first marriage ceremony. Then at the onset of His earthly ministry, He performed His first miracle at a wedding celebration (John 2:1–11). Jesus is clearly pro-marriage!

Yet at the same time, it is also reassuring to note that the One who is our example in all things was never married. This underscores the fact that while marriage was a part of God’s ideal creation, it is not a sin to be single, because Jesus never sinned. Christ’s unique mission simply precluded marriage, and so it may be the case for some of His followers.

Describing the situations leading to a life of celibacy, Jesus mentioned three categories (Matt. 19:12).

1. Choice: recognizing a unique call to ministry that would be incompatible with family life, some may choose to remain single.

2. Circumstantial: due to the actions of others, some individuals cannot be married.

3. Biological predisposition: some people naturally exhibit a proclivity for the single life.

For whatever reason a person may be single, Christ’s example illustrates:

1. Being single should not mean the absence of community; Jesus had disciples.

2. Being single does not mean you are anti-marriage; Jesus was pro-marriage.

3. Being single is not the end of your life; Jesus is life itself.

If the perfect human being, the Son of Man, was single, then getting married does not make anyone a better person. A godly marriage should, in fact, make us more like the perfect Christ.