Read This Week’s Passage: Genesis 2:15–25

Made for This

Humanity was created for community. The concept is rooted in creation. First, we were created in the image of a triune God (Genesis 1:26, 27). While we cannot fully comprehend it, the one true God exists as a plurality. Yet we get a glimpse into that reality when we consider the plurality of humanity that He created in His image.

Our need for belonging, then, is built into our very being. It is no wonder that our overall health and wellbeing is tied to our experience of community. The more an individual is integrated into a healthy community, the more likely that they will have good health outcomes.

The most intimate of communal relationships is the marriage union. When God declared, “It is not good that man should be alone,” He indicated the human need for community. God then proceeded to meet that need by establishing a family founded in marital union. It is too narrow to say God’s declaration indicates merely the human need for marriage. The text would not support those who may exclude marriage since this was God’s immediate response to the scenario. We need community, and our first experience of community is in families, which find their genesis in marriage.

Marriage is clearly part of God’s plan for humanity. And we have established that it helps us meet the need for community. In an ideal world, everyone would marry appropriately and raise godly children. But in the sinful world that we live in, not everyone will get married, not everyone will bear children. Everyone still needs community.