Though many in the postmodern age can be skeptical of organizations, the most crucial factor of tithes and offerings is the Person to whom the resources are directed. Ultimately, tithe is not going to support a church, an organization, or some establishment. Though it supports ministers, teachers, and other gospel workers, it is not going to individuals. It is for God and is God’s alone. This is the most significant aspect of the return of tithe.

As you do this act of worship, no other individual is aware of the amount, percentage, accuracy, intention, or motive. It is a private act between the giver and the Receiver. In many ways, the worshiper not only needs to literally let go of the funds, but also spiritually. Concerns of the future, anxiety over financial stability, acquisition of particular goods, investment in various securities, and the quick achievement of dreams and goals are all laid before Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings. Not surrendering these funds testifies to the nonlegitimacy of the sovereignty of God for that individual. God’s creative power and loving character are replaced with the desire to provide for oneself through the deceit of covetousness, the hunger of avarice, and the idol of materialism. Who else can release us from the power of money? (See 1 Tim. 6:10.)

As a private act to the Lord, it is important to note that we are not responsible for how the tithe is used by those in ministry. How church leaders use these funds is not in our hands but in God’s alone. Since He is the owner of this tithe, He will reward and discipline in His own way and in His own time, with divine justice and divine mercy. Questioning, criticizing, and analyzing these activities reveals a lack of focus on Jesus and undue attention toward human beings. When certain individuals have the right authority, opportunity, and attitude, correction and restitution for financial wrongs should and must occur. But to act out God’s justice prematurely exposes other aspects of the human heart that are contrary to the original principles of stewardship and God’s will.