Read This Week’s Passage: 1 Corinthians 7:1–9

Hooking Up

We live in an age when we are starting to need apps to do anything. We need some apps to find transport from one place to another. We need apps to find food, order food, deliver food, and rate food. We need apps to work, exercise, sleep, and even relax. Is it a surprise then that among some of the most popular apps are those dedicated to finding sexual partners? Now that it’s understood as a biological need, one only needs to swipe a finger and a tryst is populated on one’s schedule with all the customizable preferences, durations, and options.

Ironically with all the channels for sensuality available, trends are actually showing that premarital sexual experiences are either declining or being postponed to later ages, perhaps due to the ubiquity of technology. Regardless, these practices existing in the secular world should be of no surprise to us today, as Scripture states in Ephesians 4:17–19. But there are a growing number of people who ask whether the Bible really purports to be against premarital sexual experiences altogether.

As premarital sex has become an accepted way of life in most industrialized nations, and promoted as the norm in media, these ideas are sought to be rationalized and woven into the Christian community. But does the Bible change humanity or does humanity change the Bible? Furthermore, who has the courage (or, as some may say, the stupidity) to speak against premarital sex or other dominant social trends? The purpose of this lesson is exactly that, to study what the Bible says, what God says, about premarital sexual experiences.