Read This Week’s Passage: Genesis 2:18–25

Human Tension

Human beings were made to connect on a social level. Though this may sound elementary, this may be one of this current generation’s greatest needs—social connection. Rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, and even first premarital sexual encounters are all declining with Millennials and Generation Y. While the initial reaction may be to rejoice at these statistics, the rates of depression, mental illness, and other forms of despair are on the rise. The great irony is that social media promised a level of connection never seen before in humanity’s history. With the explosion of internet connectivity, social media apps, and other digital connecting apparatus, it is tempting to think that digital socialization can replace the need for real human interaction. But rather than satisfaction, more psychological and stigmatized social behaviors result from too many of these non-analog substitutes.

Though animals provide great companionship, they still lack the basic functions of what a human relationship provides. Even though they provide oxytocin every time we come home, a component of our humanity is still unfulfilled. Human beings have components of intelligence, emotional resonance, complex communication, creative empathy, higher functioning joy, multifactorial pleasure that features physical stimulation, intellectual intricacy, emotional density, social involvedness, and so on, to say the least.

Whether it is an animal, thing, piece of technology, or a screen, anything that replaces a human being for sexual intimacy is considered a heinous sin by God. It is not the act or the object itself but the disregard we have for our human selves and the Creator of the human body and its corresponding sexual experience that is abhorrent. As the engineer of intimacy, God sought for humanity to reach the apex of the experience through a human-human interaction.

When combined with the principle of differentness in opposite genders, the principle of sameness in humanity provides a tension that becomes the foundation for the optimal sexual experience.