Have you ever had an enemy? Someone who actively sought your harm? Maybe it was a bully in grade school or a teacher who had it out for you. Perhaps it was an employer whom you just couldn’t please. Maybe it was a church quarrel. Those can be particularly painful. Possibly worst of all is a situation where you feel as though you have an enemy in your own home. It is tough to have an enemy. It’s an extremely painful experience to endure and can sometimes leave lifelong scars.

This is exactly the circumstance in which God and humanity found themselves. Humanity wasn’t merely without strength and ungodly (Romans 5:6). That would have been bad enough. We are sinners who are enemies of God (Romans 5:9, 10). We haven’t simply made a few mistakes. We were actively engaged in warfare against God. We were hostile to God and refused to submit to His law (Romans 8:7). In this relational context, God chose to demonstrate His love for us through the death of Jesus (Romans 5:8).

It is understandable when a parent gives their life for their child or a spouse gives their life for their partner. It can make sense when soldiers give their life to protect their country from their enemies. But it is preposterous for someone to give their life for an enemy. Nobody but God loves their enemies that much (Romans 5:6–8). God would rather give Himself through His Son to be reconciled with His enemies than live without them (Romans 5:10).

If God took the first step and gave the gift of His Son to reconcile weak, ungodly sinners who were His enemies, we can be “much more” sure that He will complete the process and save us for eternity, now that we are reconciled (Romans 5:10). This may be some of the best news ever written. God was willing to initiate reconciliation by removing sin through the death of His Son. Now that we are reconciled, and Jesus is alive, we can be confident that we will be saved by His life (Romans 5:10). The living Jesus will not abandon you. He is interceding. He is pleading. He is doing everything He can to make sure that you are saved for eternity.

In light of God’s generosity in giving His Son, our responsibility is to receive the reconciling work of Jesus. When we do, we can rejoice in what God has done through Him (Romans 5:11).