Preface: We need not worry if our characters will be good enough in the end. That is God’s work. We are to “fight the good fight of faith” (1 Tim. 6:12) by keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, “the author and perfecter of our faith.” Faith in Christ enables Him to work in us “both to will and to do of his good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13) and to finish the good work He has begun (Phil. 1:6).

A personal experience with the saving presence of Jesus Christ is the greatest need of humanity. The purpose of your life and His wonderful will for you will become clear and exciting after you come to know Him as your Savior and Lord. Once you are completely changed by a personal encounter with Him, finding His purpose is simple and uncomplicated. The Bible calls it being “born again,” transformed by His blood, the Word of God, and His Holy Spirit. A personal experience with Jesus Christ always renews your mind to hear and understand the mind of God for you in every area of your life. His Spirit comes to dwell with you the very moment you are born again. You will be a new creature.

God is not satisfied when we know things about Him. He longs for us to know Him. He wants us to be connected to Him in a personal relationship. Knowing things about God without knowing Him personally is like being in a dark room, buying a lamp and not plugging it in, or being in a cold room, building a fireplace, and not lighting a fire in it.

God longs to reveal Himself to us and in doing so, to bless us. He longs for us to really experience Him.

The day someone comes to Christ is a wonderful day in its effect upon that person’s future. It is like when the helm of a ship is put right about and the sailor then sails in a totally different direction. His future will never be what his past was. There may be faults; there may be infirmities and shortcomings; but there will never be the old love of sin anymore. “Sin shall not have dominion over you” (Rom. 6:14). This is God’s promise to us, given through His servant Paul. When Christ comes to our soul, He so breaks the neck of sin that though it lives a struggling, dying life, and often makes a show of howling in the heart, it is still doomed to die. The cross of Christ has broken its back, and broken its neck, too, and die it must. Henceforth the person is bound for holiness and heaven.

Abiding in Christ is to be in the “being” mode. We are still doing the things that God has called us to do, but we are doing these things in His strength. Abiding in Christ is about having an intimate relationship with Him. The relationship is more important than the things we do or don’t do. The more we are abiding in Him, the more we will be faithful. We will hear His voice clearer. We will not be not works oriented, and we will have more peace in our life. To abide is to experience His presence.