Preface: Jesus explained that spiritual transformation is a supernatural work produced by the Holy Spirit. Though we cannot see or understand how this transformation takes place, we can see the results. We call it conversion, a new life in Christ. Our challenge is to abide in Him daily so that He can transform us more and more into His image.

By this point in your life, it may sound like a cliché that we have a Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a concept that is easy to take for granted. It is easy to neglect one’s relationship with Jesus and to forget what His place in life, and more specifically in your life, was, is, and should always be. It is easy to take for granted that the world and all that is in it was made through Him (John1:1–4). It is easy to forget that He gives light to all who enter the world (John1:9).

1. Do not take Him for granted. Could it be that, at times, we forget or even take such important facts for granted? And for that reason, God sometimes works in ways that will leave no doubt in our minds that He is still at the top of it all? Could it be that He chooses particular circumstances over others to remind us of His almighty presence, to remind us that no one has more power than He? Is there any particular reason that He chose to work through Saul-turned Paul during that time and place and not through someone else who was more God-fearing (Acts 9:1–19)?

2. Keep Him at the center. There is a reason that all this is being brought to our attention. There may be several reasons, but what we can say for sure is that with God through Jesus anything is possible. This world was made through Jesus; we are given light through Jesus; and, most importantly, we can be saved only through Jesus.

3. Acknowledge Him as both Savior and Lord. If we had any doubt in your minds, it should now be as clear as day, especially after reading the above passages in the Bible and giving some thought to life as a whole to our relatively little role in the greater scheme of things, that Jesus is indeed Lord in every sense of the word. To add to that, unlike any earthly lord, Jesus is not only our Lord but is also our Savior. And He can only truly be our Savior if we acknowledge and claim Him as such. We know that all have sinned according to the law and, therefore, ought to be condemned, but that if we choose to, we are justified through Jesus Christ, our Lord (Rom. 3:19–26). Note the use of the word “choose.” The choice is for each of us to make personally. And in that choice lays one’s decision to claim, or not to claim, Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior.