Preface: We are promised that this world will be destroyed, and that God will establish a new and eternal world where sin and death, the results of the violation of God’s law, will never exist.

Ever had your heart broken? Have you ever been so hurt and disappointed that it felt like your whole world caved in? Have you suffered the loss of a loved one, a life threatening illness, or the devastation of situations that were beyond your control?

Me, too.

We live in a war zone. We are surrounded by broken people, bodies are battered and bruised, and lives are turned inside out in the blink of an eye—but there is an end in sight. We have been told how the story ends. We know for certain how things will turn out.

“I’m coming back for you,” He said. “I want you to be with Me. I will dry your tears, put an end to your sorrow.” Now sometimes, when we hear such promises, we reserve a healthy skepticism, but the One who promised is good for His word. He knows our challenges, He knows our heartache. He’s been here. He’s walked the walk. He really does understand, and He has a heart of compassion. He promised not leave us here, in our hurt, forever. Truth be told, we don’t always keep our promises. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes, in spite of our best intentions, we change our minds. Sometimes, we have simply promised more than we can deliver. He’s not like that. He can deliver. He will deliver. He will not forget. He will not change His mind. He has more power than we can imagine, more resources than we can fathom, more love for us than we can comprehend.

He is our King of kings and Lord of lords.

Growing up, I was terrified of Jesus’ second coming. It seemed to me that we focused much more on the pandemonium and terror of the time of trouble than on the incredible joy of finally seeing Jesus our Lord and King, face to face. Troubles and sorrow will fade away, the King’s glory will shine forever.

When I see Jesus in all His glory and majesty, surrounded by choirs of angels, then and only then, will I experience true worship, as my heart bursts in awe and adoration. Only then will I begin to comprehend His greatness, power, and depth of love. For now, I must wait with eager anticipation.

The King is coming. Our King. He loves us and He’s coming back for us. There will be no more tears. He promised.