Ricardo Bacchus, CQ Editorial Assistant

Weathering the Storm

It’s when I’m at my weakest, most desperate point in my life,
that You calm the storm within me.

You take the wind and move it elsewhere.
Please take my life and move it anywhere.

I want to dive into your loving grace,
Revive my heart, O Lord, reveal your face.

Thunder, I do expect. Rain, I anticipate.
But peace in me is what You create.

Scared, I look at the roaring current,
But why Lord, when you saved me before?

Again I am faced with one question. Again one decision.

Will I trust myself to get me through?
Or will I put my faith in You?

I look through the murky waters to see if You’re there.
You smile at me, “Of course I’m here. I always care.”

“Take me home then, God! I’m tired of this rain!”
“Soon, very soon. That’s why my Son came.”