Preface: A comprehensive understanding of discipleship must include a passionate desire to follow Jesus and a passionate desire to lead others to Christ.

Once upon a time, two frogs fell into jars of milk. One, desperate and suffocating, said to itself: “I can’t breathe because the walls of this jar are too tall. I’m going to die.” Not much time passed before the frog died.

The other frog, however, which was in the same predicament, would not give up. It thrashed its legs until the milk turned into butter. Once there was a firm foundation, the frog jumped out of the jar.

Two frogs were in the same situation. One was able to survive because of its strength, hope, and faith, while the other one just gave up. Maybe if the first one had not given up, the one that jumped out could have helped it, but they were not united in the same faith and hope for this to happen.

This can be applied to us. In order to be united as a church, we must have the same faith and hope. If we are to disciple one another, we need to have the compassion and desire to have God lead us so we can lead others. Giving up is not an option!