Preface: In our desire to preach to make disciples from every nation, we must not forget a whole class of people—children. Many churches apparently miss this important fact in their evangelistic planning, directing the greatest proportion of their resources toward the adult population. Christ’s earliest disciples also seem to have underestimated the value of children’s ministry.

On a recent ABC news show “Turning Point,” aired the week of February 11, 1996, children were being interviewed on the subject of morals. The reporter asked if the children would risk their lives to help someone. We need to ask ourselves the same question: Would I risk my life (like the good Samaritan did) to help someone? And would my answer by the same as the children’s: an unequivocal no!

Those same children were asked if they could see themselves killing or doing harm to someone and they said they could. The parents were shocked at their children’s response, but when asked if they had ever helped someone in need, few were able to say yes. Their reason: fear of being harmed.

It is important that we as parents and young adults set the example for the youth and be good Samaritans or good neighbors to our fellow humanity. We need to train our children and be an example. See Proverbs 22:6 and 2 Timothy 1:5. Our children are the future leaders of tomorrow, and a generation of children is growing up with no love for fellow humanity in need.
Does our fear ever justify not helping someone in need? The same question can be asked: Did the fear of becoming unclean justify the priest and Levite not helping the man on the side of the road? We need to put our fear aside and lay claim to the promises of God to protect and watch over us (Ps. 34:7).

Is it not always necessary for us to put our life on the line when helping someone in need. All one needs to do is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Set the example by putting others’ needs ahead of your own. Society’s future depends upon what kind of example we set for the next generation.


What kind of society are we going to have if we don’t set the example of the good Samaritan before our children?