Preface: We are to earnestly pray for the people whom we seek to reach. This is central to what it means to be a disciple maker. What powerful changes might occur if constant, fervent prayer was central to our methodology in seeking to make and keep disciples!

How much time do you spend each day talking to friends, coworkers, teachers, and others? Are you aware of the importance of each minute? Starting and spending the day with Christ should be our top priority, but we ask “how?”

“Christ’s lessons in regard to prayer should be carefully considered. There is a divine science in prayer, and all His illustration brings to view principles that all need to understand. He shows what is the true spirit of prayer, He teaches the necessity of perseverance in presenting our requests to God, and assures us of His willingness to hear and answer prayer.”1

Many of our prayers consist of asking for things we want or need. However, “Our prayers are not to be a selfish asking, merely for our own benefit. We are to ask that we may give.”2 Just as Christ’s true nature was to love those with whom He came in contact, so should our nature be. In our own strength, it’s difficult to reflect Christ’s true nature until we look at what He did.

“Jesus Himself, while He dwelt among men, was often in prayer . . . His humanity made prayer a necessity and a privilege. He found comfort and joy in communion with His Father. And if the Saviour of men, the Son of God, felt the need of prayer, how much more should feeble, sinful mortals feel the necessity of fervent, constant prayer.”3

Considering the strength that Christ gained through communion with His Father gives me hope of handling the things that life presents to me. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13, KJV). It is comforting to know that at a thought of the Master, He is with us. Just as Christ received strength from the Father, He can lead us to that ultimate source of strength.

With this source of strength available, how can we expect to walk through the day without Him? If He is with us in all things, then each moment of our day can be influenced by Him. Each minute is important when we can use it to spread His influence.

The experience of prayer and its power strengthens our desire to maintain that connection and to have it grow. When you first meet others, you aren’t instantly able to share with them your innermost thoughts and feelings. It is the same with the Lord; time spent strengthens the relationship and allows for a continued commitment with Him.

How can a person be continually in prayer? Be specific.
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