How Sure Are You?

Preface: Whatever we preach about end-time events, we must be sure that the gospel is at the core.

How many things in this life can we truly say are guaranteed? If we live in a world of sin and uncertainty, how can we be sure that God’s grace is truly sufficient?

One day after teaching Bible class, I sat down to pray. Sometimes we have to take some quiet time when no one is around just to chat with God. So I asked Him, “Is salvation really a guarantee?” He told me in a still small voice, “It sure is.”

Romans 5:8, 9 says, “God showed His love for us while we were sinners—by nature, His enemies—in giving his Son to die for us. If Christ died for us while we were sinners, how much more sure is our rescue from destruction now that He has reclaimed us” (The Clear Word Bible).

This amazed me. Why? Because God has the connection.

What is this connection? In the story of redemption, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit discussed the plan of salvation so we could have a guarantee in life. Meanwhile, Lucifer was angry because he was not included in the meeting. So he attempted to discredit God. God the Son volunteered to be the perfect sacrifice, example, and savior for us. God the Father lovingly consented.

Jesus was born in a world of sin in Bethlehem. Though He was tempted in the same areas in which we are tempted, He never sinned. Yet He died on the cross for us. He laid in a grave three days and rose early one Sunday morning as our Savior and King. Now He is in heaven, mediating on our behalf. He will soon return to take us to heaven to be with Him, His Father, the Holy Ghost, and the angels.

We can see that Jesus Christ began a marvelous work on our behalf. Even now, as you are reading these words, He is finishing this good work. His grace will always be sufficient for us, because He is all we need. Our responsibilities are to obey Him willingly and to pray when faced with any issues or problems. We always should remember to study God’s Holy Word each day.