“Is there something you might be doing or even not doing that is blocking answers to your prayers?”

The Answer is Prayer

Lyndelle Brower Chiomenti, CQ Editor

Do you feel like your prayers to God aren’t reaching Him? Do you pray and pray and pray, but don’t get any answers?

How can you connect with God when it seems that He’s turned His back on you? Or is it that you’ve turned your back on Him?

Wait a minute! you’re thinking. If I’m praying, how can it be that I’ve turned my back on Him?

Well, here are some ideas to consider:1

  1. How hungry for God’s help are you? Is coming closer to Him and seeking His will for your life really your top priority?
  2. How complicated is your life? Are you taking too many classes? Working too many hours? Are you crowding out Christ with a too-busy schedule? Simplify your life a bit so that you have more time to spend with your Savior.
  3. Don’t think of problems as burdens but as opportunities to see what God has in store for you. The ways in which He answers prayers can be truly amazing.
  4. Never give up praying. Keep trusting in God. Ask Him for the faith you need to keep going while you wait for Him to answer.
  5. Taken an inventory of your life. Is there something you might be doing or even not doing that is blocking answers to your prayers? If so, then clean “out your soul by regularly confessing and repenting of whatever sins you know about, and ask God to reveal the ones you don’t so you can deal with them, too. Let go of grudges and forgive other people regularly. Ask God to keep your relationships with Him and others right.”2

Can you think of other ways you might be turning your back on God so that He isn’t able to get through to you? He’s willing to help you turn around so that you are looking full in His face. That’s one prayer He’ll answer right now, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing! So go ahead. Ask Him!
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