The Advocate

Preface:The sanctuary is one of God’s major devices used to teach us the meaning of the gospel.

I love my elder brother. When he got his first paying job I was proud to know that he was going to bring some money home, so I went to see him work. On that particular day I broke several crystal bottles that belonged to his company, and my brother had to pay for the damage I caused. He never denied I was his brother, and he never yelled at me. Instead he was willing to pay for my wrongdoing. I was happy to have such a brother. That incident had a tremendous impact on my life. If I had loved by brother before, now I loved him even more! He was tall, strong, intelligent, and kind—someone who knew everything. As I grew up, I came to know Someone bigger, stronger, more intelligent, and infinitely kinder, who in spite of the many troubles I caused Him, is not ashamed to call me brother (see Hebrews 2:11–13, NIV).

Our relationship with Jesus Christ is a personal affair. He knocks at the door of your life for the purpose of coming in and sitting down to eat with you.

1. He is your big brother, the Great High Priest. He knows everything, He is the strongest, wisest, and kindest brother you can have. Don’t lose your faith in Him; instead hold firmly to the faith your profess (Heb. 4:14). How are you going to do that?
a. Spend a time with Him every day. Talk to Him.
b. Read His letters. He has great news for you every day.
c. Sing to Him. He doesn’t mind if you can’t carry a tune.

2. He knows you very well. Your life to Him is an open book. You waste your time if you try to hide things from Him. He wants the best for you, and He already has traveled the road you are now traveling, He understands what you are experiencing.
a. Develop a personal relationship with Him and you will come to know Him as a friend.
b. It is through knowing Him that you are ready to meet Him when He comes again.

3. Approach Him with confidence. He is merciful and kind. Don’t be afraid. Bring Him your messy life. He will help you in your time of need. Christ is the only one who can fulfill the promises for which we are waiting.
a. Have faith in Him. Remember that because He lived on this earth, He can identify with what you are experiencing.
b. Conform your heart and mind to His will.
c. If you keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus, there’s not a chance in the world that you will be afraid of His coming. He is your big brother and He loves you. Be happy in Him!