Jesus Engages in Unjudicial Conduct

Preface: The heavenly sanctuary and its function in salvation were represented in the earthly tabernacle and the larger structure of the Israelite temples. In Jesus, the temple was made manifest in a human being. Ultimately, the heavenly temple will come down to the new earth. God has used concepts relating to the heavenly sanctuary to reveal truth.

I was guilty. No doubt about it.

I knew it. The court knew it. All the evidence was right there in my record. No need to pretend anything different.

The only thing left was the formality of pronouncing the sentence, and the law made it abundantly clear what that would be. Now the time had come. And there I stood terrified and trembling before the Judge.

For a moment there was silence, then, suddenly, a cry of joy. “Loron, I’m so glad to see you!”

I looked up, dumbfounded. As if seeing Him for the first time, I realized that the Judge was my dearest friend.

I was overcome with embarrassment and started to mumble something about being sorry for what I had done. But He had already jumped up from the bench and was running toward me with His arms outstretched. “Listen,” He said, holding me close, “I know all about what you did, but don’t worry; I have already taken care of it.” I noticed when He said this that there seemed to be something wrong with His hands, but that didn’t stop Him from holding me in an embrace that was stronger than death.

Then He paused again and smiled. “Say, what are we doing down here, anyway? Come on up. I want you to sit right here beside me on the bench.”

At this, we started walking together toward the place where He was sitting. That was when I heard Him say: “To anyone who is victorious I will grant a place beside me on my throne, as I myself was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne” (Rev. 3:21, REB).