Jesus may not literally knock on your dorm room door, but He does knock on the door to your heart.

The Knock That Can Change Your Life

By Ricardo Bacchus, CQ Editorial Assistant

You’re in your dorm room. Your roommate is in class, so you have a few hours to yourself. You climb to the top bunk for a relaxing nap. Just as your body starts to go numb with sleep, you hear a loud, annoying knock at your door. And then again. And again.

“It’s probably the crazy dude from the third floor wanting to play X-box again,” you mutter to yourself.

You let the knocking continue, plugging your ears with your headphones. If there’s ever a time you want to ignore “crazy dude,” it’s now. It’s “me” time!

But the knocking continues. Frustrated, you turn the music up. You’re tired. You don’t feel like talking to anybody. You only had four hours of sleep the night before because you were studying for a biology test.

Then you hear your name being called out. And loud. “I know you’re in there. I’m bored! Yo!”

After banging on the door one more time for good measure, you finally hear his footsteps dissipate. Finally, you think.

Later at dinner, you see “crazy dude.” He’s like, “Why were you hiding in there? What’s up with that?!” And you straight up lie to his face. You pretend you weren’t there at all, when in fact, there were only two inches of wood separating the two of you.

In Revelation 3:20, there is an open invitation to you: “ ‘I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me’ ” (NKJV).

Jesus may not literally knock on your dorm room door, but He does knock on the door to your heart. He wants you to open it and let Him into your life. However, many times you’re too tired to open the door to your soul. You’re too exhausted. Too stressed. Too anxious. Too focused on studying, sports, or even mandatory dorm worships. I don’t need or even want Jesus in my life, you decide. He allowed my sister to die. My parents to split up. The war in Syria to continue. Plus, I’m a pretty good person. I take part in Friday vespers. I sometimes pay my tithe. And I don’t drink as much as my classmates do.

So you just leave Him out in the cold and let Him freeze to death. The music in your ears drowns out His throbbing love. Life is too busy for “another Friend.” So when He calls out your name, you simply ignore Him. That’s easier than having to get down from the top bunk, fumble with the door knob, and chat up Jesus.

If the person you were dating was at the door, would you pull the covers over your head then? Or the maintenance guy who comes to fix your faucet? Of course, you’d gladly accept them in. But when “crazy dude”— aka Jesus—knocks on your door, you shrug Him off. He wants to spend time with you, yet you let Him walk away. This rugged, wooden door, made from a tree that He created, is separating you from the Carpenter. Your response is simply to say, “No. Try the next room.”

Today. Right now. Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door. If you allow Him to enter, He will become real in your life. He wants to live in your heart every moment of every day. Don’t be the one who avoids coming to dinner with a lie on your lips. Instead, “dine with Him.”