Redeemed From Judgment, Saved in Crisis

Preface: A revival is simply an intensifying of our spiritual desires as our hearts draw closer to God through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Revival does not imply that we have had no previous experience with Jesus; rather, it calls us to an experience that is deeper and richer. Reformation calls us to grow and change. It invites us to reexamine our lives in light of biblical values and to allow the Holy Spirit to empower us to make any changes necessary in order to live in obedience to God’s will.

I found the girl of my dreams. We had been dating for a little while, and one day she invited me to go camping; little did I know that it was a church camporee. Who would have known that that moment in my life was what set me on a divine course to know and love Jesus? I came to understand that I am a sinner and it was Christ’s redeeming power that lifts me up.

At the camp, the speaker told us to come to the foot of the cross and meet the Man who died for us. Jesus got my attention, but it took a long time for me to really see God working in my life.

I married that beautiful woman, and some years later we were expecting our first child. I was still unsure about the kind of commitment God wanted from me. One night, weeks before our baby was due, my pregnant wife was rushed to the emergency room. We were told her placenta had pulled away and she had been bleeding internally for weeks. I could lose them both.

For me, judgment had come, crisis was here. I never needed God more than I did then. They told me to change into “hospital gear” so I could be with my wife during the C-section. In the small dressing room, I got on my knees and pleaded with God to save them both. I promised my life to Him in service—if He would just save my wife and child.

He answered my prayer! Nurses were crying as my baby was born. My wife and I praised God for our little baby, and, with full conviction, true revival began in my life.

Today, I am an intern pastor, and I now have two children. I thank God for the challenge He set before me; it shifted my faith from slow-moving to a committed follower. Sometimes it takes “losing everything” to realize that He can rescue you through trials and tribulations.

Ellen White wrote: “God alone knows the depths of the world’s misery and despair, and He knows how to bring relief. Everywhere He sees hurting persons, crushed with sin and sorrow and pain. But He also sees their potential; He sees the height that they could reach. Although human beings have abused their opportunities, wasted their talents, and lost their Godlike dignity, the Creator will be honored in their rescue.”*

1. Why does it sometimes take a crisis for us to make a solid commitment to follow God?
2. Why do we so quickly forget what God has done for us in the past?
* Ellen G. White, A Call to Stand Apart, p. 101.

Timothy Whale, Melbourne, Australia