Operation Restoration

Preface:Revival is an ongoing process. It is allowing the Holy Spirit to align every aspect of our lives with God’s will. In those areas where we have drifted from obedience, revival reawakens our longing to please God. Reformation leads us to surrender anything that stands between us and Him.

When I was a small boy, my father worked for a Japanese company that transformed what seemed to be crude stones into polished marble. Oftentimes my father would buckle me up in the front seat of our Land Cruiser, and after a bumpy ride, we’d find ourselves going into huge cracks at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

We’d soon reach a mining site where mammoth boulders are loaded onto ten-wheel trucks. Soon the marble would be cut and polished, later to become part of hotel lobbies, posh homes, and other brilliant pieces of architecture.

In the beginning everything that God had made was “very good.” I could imagine God standing before His creation, exclaiming, “Wonderful!” And truly it was wonderful! The God of beauty could do no less.

Enter this thing called sin, and the luster that once enveloped God’s creation faded. Sin brought gargantuan damage to God’s perfect creation. It caused everything to deteriorate, to rot. It turned crystal-clear waters to filthy liquids that muddied the radiance of a glorious Creator-God. The splendid landscape became a thing of the past.

And the image of God in humankind was also marred. Corruption came to the once pure soul. So did turmoil, grief, pain—and death.

God saw everything that happened, and He decided to do something to control the damage caused by sin. He wanted to restore that which was lost—the magnificence of His creation.

So He did something extraordinary. He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ on a mission to this sin-ravaged earth (John 3:16). It was risky, Christ’s mission, but it offered the only way to restoring the earth, its inhabitants, and everything He created to their original pristine form.

Today, our damaged world is undergoing a restoration process, and Christians have a part in that process. Soon it will come to an end. The earth and its inhabitants will all become new again, and all God’s creation will display the full radiance of its original beauty.

Even now, I can see mountain ranges dotted with glistening marble. There wouldn’t be a need to polish crude stones anymore.