Was Christs’ blood clean enough to dirty me out?


By Ricardo Bacchus, CQ Editorial Assistant

Was Jesus’ blood thick enough to cover all of my sins?
Was His blood red enough to make me anew again?

Was Christs' blood clean enough to dirty me out?
Did His fluid perform enough that my body can’t live without?

Was the amount strong enough to penetrate my soul?
Was His blood assuring enough to make me completely whole?

Was His blood deep enough to catch my vision?
Did His drops fall hard enough to finalize my decision?

Did His blood stain absorb enough to not want to remove?
Was His blood powerful enough that nothing else can prove?

Was His blood enough to save me from sin?
Was His blood enough to fully trust in Him?

Did His blood flow enough? Did His blood bank exceed its limit?
Was His blood great enough to include me within it?

Was this blood that fell for me not enough, but total waste?
Was this blood not pure enough for me to want to taste?

Was Jesus dying for me that one day on a tree,
Enough to give my life to Him, my sins that made Him bleed?

Is His blood, dripping on the ground, something given up in vain?
Is His blood enough to break my tightened chain?

Is His blood enough to give me hope?
Is His blood enough to help me cope?

“Enough!” He screamed,“Enough! It is finished! It is done!
Was this blood indeed enough to save His daughters and His sons?