Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up

Preface: Haggai’s message is simple: What are our priorities, and why is it so important to get them right?

A young man stood up in Bible class one day and said, “Pastor, you’re always going on about being a Christian. Everybody knows how to be a Christian. I personally attend church every Sabbath, I sing in the youth choir, and I attend prayer meeting every Wednesday night without fail. How much of a Christian do I need to be?”

The pastor replied, “You attend church and that is all good. You sing in the choir and attend prayer meeting. That is all very good, but let me ask you this one question: What does Christianity mean to you?”

The man replied, “All the things I have been doing since being baptized.”

The pastor said, “Brother, I need to ask you another question. What would you do if a beggar asked if he could come to your house and use your shower, towel, after-shave, and clothes, then wanted to have something to eat?”

The man, being honest, openly replied, “I would escort him to the nearest Salvation Army Center. What if he tried to attack me? You can’t trust anyone these days!”

According to this man, Christianity was just about taking part in church activities; but when it came to the spiritual test, he failed. Are we like this young man? Would you agree that Christianity is more than words not just about sharing our faith? It is about helping those who are needy like the beggar. Christianity is about being Christlike, reflecting Christ inside as well as in our actions.

This story reminds me of the good Samaritan. Who are you like: the Levite who walked away, the priest who looked at the man and walked away also, or the good Samaritan who had compassion without a thought for himself and decided to help the man by the wayside?

How much do you love your neighbor? This is the question Jesus is asking you and me today, right this minute.

1. Is Christianity something that we as Seventh-day Adventists should have automatically, or is it something that we need to work at? Explain your answer using biblical examples.
2. Can others see Christ in you? Explain your answer.

Charlene Smith, Birmingham, England