How to Be a Leadable Leader

Preface: Even amid the worst apostasy, the Lord is willing to forgive and heal His people.

Isaiah was a leader whose great faith under pressure produced some of the most beautiful and moving passages in literature. But when the young Isaiah was first called to take God’s messages of reproof, he shrank from the task, feeling his complete inability to measure up to God’s call.

How did this fearful young man develop into the eloquent prophet who carried God’s words of correction and hope to a reluctant and rebellious people for more than sixty years? How can we become the same kind of servant, dedicated no matter the cost?

1. Find the power. As long as Isaiah looked inward, all he found were the reasons he didn’t have what it took to reform the wayward nation. But then Isaiah beheld in a vision the purity and perfection of the Almighty God. When we, with Isaiah, behold God, we will realize that our calling isn’t about us and all the things we can’t do. It is about God and all the things He can do.

2. Accept the preparation. After seeing God’s power, Isaiah was painfully aware of his own sinful condition. At this point, he wasn’t yet ready to be God’s messenger. Before God sent him to do anything, He sent forgiveness and preparation to Isaiah in the form of a hot, heavenly coal. Heavenly coals can take many forms. We always have the choice to reject them. But in order to be equipped for ministry, we must first accept the forgiveness and preparation that God sends to us.

3. Go and speak. True ministry is taking God’s message to the people, not our own message. We are needed to sound God’s call with unmistakable clearness. God asks for a lifetime of patient, courageous ministry as we answer His call to go forth.

Stephanie Thompson Clemons, Cleburne, Texas, U.S.A.