How to Avoid Temptation

Preface: Acts of inhumanity are sins against God and will be judged accordingly. Although temptation tries to crush us, we always have the Cross to fight for us.

When God died for us on the Cross, He was not only saving us from death and giving us eternal life; He was giving us the choice to accept this gift of eternal life. Through the cross God gave us freewill. Everything we possess comes to us stamped with the cross, bought with the blood that is precious above all estimate, because it is the life of God.

Therefore as Christians, we have the right to choose good or evil. Choosing the right path means putting our total trust in God and committing our lives to Him. Evil can be appealing and hard to resist at times. Temptation is among us every day and the easiest way to weaken temptation is to strengthen our relationship with God. By walking through each day with Christ, assurance and strength can help us control wickedness.

Our relationship with God takes time and commitment, but can be accomplished. Temptation is always around, it is important to stay alert and focused and learn how to resist the devil.

1. Talk to God. Prayer can strengthen our relationship with Christ and deliver us from temptation (Matt. 26:41). Communicating with God is important. When times are hard, it is important to turn to God. We shall be tested and tried but let such times be spent in earnest prayer to God that He may give understanding.

2. Remember. When Jesus walked on this earth, He suffered through pain and temptation (Heb. 2:18). Knowing that God can feel our pain and sorrow can give us comfort and assure us that we are not alone in this world.

3. Trust God. Having faith in God can help turn evil away and bring forth the acceptance of righteousness. The Lord has promised to surround us with His love as long as we put our trust in Him (Ps. 32:10). Belief in that strength comes to you through our precious Savior.

4. Love God. By just loving God, we can overcome sin. Love God and you will be persuaded to obey what He has commanded (John 14:15).


1. Why is it difficult to avoid temptation?

2. How can we live our life according to Christ?

3. What are ways that you have grown in your spiritual journey with Christ?

Melanie Strahle, Highland, Maryland, U.S.A.