Love God, XOXO

Preface: Hosea reveals more of God’s love for His wayward people.

X’s and O’s usually stand for hugs and kisses. The X’s remind me of Jesus on the cross. There is something about God dying on the cross that attracts everyone’s attention. It’s not just us living on earth but the whole universe is still in awe. Ellen White says that the angels are still trying to figure out why God’s love is so deep that He came to our planet to die.

For me the significance of Jesus’ dying is still sinking in. I am grateful for everyone who saw the light because they made me hungry to understand more. What is Jesus’ death all about? Like overhearing a lady on a Friday night Christian radio show say, “The more I fix my focus on what Christ went through for me, the more I respond to Him with gratitude and love.” I wanted to know how that might happen to me too. Hearing a choir sing a song about “God was on the cross, dying there for me!” Somehow, I’d had this foggy idea that Jesus had temporarily lost His God‑power while He was hanging on the cross. But this song wakes me up. Hearing a sermon during a foot-washing time: “Imagine that you’re one of the disciples and that God of the universe, with His strong carpenter hands, is washing your feet today.” Wow!—an instant vivid picture for me.

If we focus all our energy on knowing what God really means to us, He says we will find Him. Many personal questions were answered for me: Does God care about the starving Ethiopian children? Does God care about me? Does He ever get mad at me? How can I tell He has forgiven me; am I meant to have a special sign or some feeling? How do I know if He heard me above the din of the millions of people talking to Him tonight?

When I watch Him die and when I watch how He lived, I begin to understand just a little about how awesome God really is. I begin to see that I had been missing out on a friendship with a God who will always be there for us. XOXO

Clarinda Wang, Sydney, Australia