Does Fear Equal Knowledge?

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” (Gen. 2:18, NIV).

Have you ever wondered, What is the one thing I must do to benefit our marriage or family? As Christians this question comes to our minds frequently. We wander around in search of formulas and advice to make our lives easier and our relationships with others more fulfilling.

The Bible tells us that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov. 1:7, NKJV). Other versions replace the word “knowledge” in this verse with “wisdom.” So then, how can fearing the Lord or studying His word influence our wisdom, or even our marriages and families? This verse says clearly that your wisdom will increase, and that you will become a more knowledgeable person, the more you fear God and study His word. But how do we do this?

It was the end of my 10th grade and I was ready to go to academy. Something in my head was telling me that I was going to be able to do just fine. But I thought that if I wanted to do better than “just fine,” I was going to have to do something extra that would bump me up above everybody else’s level.

So I joined a group of students who were doing a Bible reading program, which consisted of reading a certain quantity of verses of the Bible, especially the book of Proverbs, for seven months.

At the beginning it was a bit challenging to find time to just sit down and read the Bible. But it worked. Sometimes it was easy; at other times it was tough. But not too long after, I began to notice changes in myself and that my relationship with my family was improving.

So what was it that was expanding my wisdom and my attitude toward others, including my family? If you haven’t noticed, as you read the Bible you come across great stories and every possible topic. All these materials expand your mind and your thinking, and you come to have a greater idea of God’s plan for your life. God knows what’s best for us, so He provided answers in the Bible before we had the questions.

Most of the time we go around without taking advantage of the great treasures that are hidden within the pages of the Bible. As I was growing up, my parents were most influenced by their reading of the Bible and communion with God. And these practices were passed on to me. Now is our turn to expand our minds and knowledge and improve our relationships with our families or spouses. We can begin to follow God’s advice, to “fear” Him, and we’ll begin to see the “beginning of [our] knowledge” (verse 7, NKJV). The Bible never runs out of wisdom.

Carlos E. Solano, Ooltewah, Tennessee, U.S.A.