A Chip Off the Ol' Block?

Preface: “We should remember that the church, enfeebled and defective though it be, is the only object on earth on which Christ bestows His supreme regard” (Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, book 2, p. 396).

Like father like son is an expression that applies well to the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of John the apostle. In his book we see the character of God revealed through the life of Jesus. The book features seven miracles that Jesus performed while helping people in their day to day lives, which help dispel the myth that God is distant and uncaring. The miracles are the wedding in Cana (John 2:1–11) where Jesus turned water into wine; the healing of the noble man’s son (John 4:46–53); the healing at the pool of Bethesda (John 5:1–18); the feeding of the multitude with the five loaves and two fishes (John 6:1–15); Jesus walking on water (John 6:16–21); healing the man born blind (John 9:1–12); and the raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11:38–44). In all of these stories, the compassion of divinity came in contact with the great need of humanity: communion with God. Jesus came to show us the Father’s character.

In response to Philip’s desire to see the Father, Jesus replies, “Have I been with you all of this time Philip, and yet you still don't know who I am? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father! So why are you asking me to show him to you?” (John 14:9, NLT). Jesus came to show us what God was like because the devil’s lies had obscured our view of God. The only solution: God in the flesh (John 1:1, 4, 14).

God dwelling with us is possible because of the unity that Jesus and the Father share as co-members of the trinity (John 10:30, NLT). It is this same unity of purpose and love that Jesus prays for the church to have in John 17:11 “I pray for them; I pray not for the world but for them which you have given to me; for they are yours . . . Holy Father, keep through your name those that you have given to me that they may be one, as we are” (NLT). Simply put, the unity of purpose and love that we should have among one another is a reflection of the togetherness that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share. Jesus was committed to completing his Father’s mission to give his life for our sins so that we can enter a saving relationship with Him, leading to eternal life. By God’s grace, are you a “chip off the ol’ block?”

1. How can you strengthen the unity in your youth group?
2. Can you identify some stumbling blocks to unity in the church?

Nyachom Chiek, Calgary, Alberta, Canada