Hard Life, Huh?

Preface: However important it is to understand the way in which biblical inspiration works, it’s more important to know the God revealed to us through that inspiration.

Isaiah 40:30, 31 is familiar to us all. All of us have been through a dark valley, an unforgiving glen, a barren wilderness, or even an overcrowded but lonely neighborhood. We have all had experiences that could produce resounding testimonies, but how do we get through them? In an age in which people are more educated, more successful, more culturally aware, where topics of concern once kept secret are brought out to breathe in a tolerant atmosphere, it is ironic that depression, loneliness, stress, and uncertainty abound.

How does one get through trials? This regularly aired question has a simple, inexpensive answer. Our guide through this world is God’s Word. In an age in which many people run to various means to gain enlightenment, one true voice remains firm. “The word of God is to be the foundation of all study, and the words of revelation, carefully studied, appeal to and strengthen the intellect as well as the heart. . . . The truths of the Bible, received, will uplift mind and soul. If the Word of God were appreciated as it should be, both young and old would possess an inward rectitude, a strength of principle, that would enable them to resist temptation.”*

Yes, we have heard it all before, but we all know how true it is. Throughout history great men and women under severe trials and tribulations turned to the Bible. Or if one was not available, they went through the trials victorious because of what they had already learned from studying the Bible. We all go through this life with trials. If we are Christians, why is this so?

Because we live in a world of sin, some rain must fall. But with God’s Word as our guide, and by His grace, we will survive our trials and produce a testimony for the encouragement of many around us.

* Ellen G. White, Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 1, p. 89.


Simon Lammy, Essex, England