Whose Side Are You On?

Josh. 24:15

While reading a book review I came across this warning: If you don’t want to know how the book ends, stop here. The reviewer realized that he could ruin the book for anyone who wanted the pleasure of watching the story unfold, page by page. But when it comes to the Great Controversy and actually participating in it, it’s reassuring to know ahead of time how everything will turn out. God has shown us through His Word that He has already won the war.  Now all He is waiting for is to see if He will win our hearts.


  • Creating a poster that highlights the importance of loving others. Consider using the following saying: “We only love Jesus as much as the person we love the least.”    
  • Writing a short explanation of the Plan of Salvation that you could present to a peer and another explanation that would be more appropriate for an 8-year-old.    
  • Choosing three or four Bible verses on a topic such as “The Plan of Salvation” or “The Soon Return of Jesus.” Copy the verses on cards and review them during the next week until you have them committed to memory. Then look for opportunities to share the verses with others.                        
  • Passing out literature, such as Glow tracts to people at a park, mall, or doctor’s office.      
  • Journaling for a week, asking God each day to reveal to you any idols that are keeping you from making a total commitment to Him.      
  • Spending time in nature looking for evidence of how sin has affected our environment.    

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Renee Coffee, Gobles, Michigan, U.S.A.