Soon to Be Delivered

Preface: The second coming of Jesus is the culmination of all Christian hope.

“Mother? When will we be free?”
“When the Deliverer comes, darling.”
“But when will He come?”
“When the time is right,” the mother replied.
The child thought for a while, then she asked, “But how do you know He will come?”
“Because the prophet said so, dear.”
“The prophet? Tell me what he said, Mother, please!”

“Sit down while I tell you, Martha.” She wrung out a garment she had just rinsed, then she said, “A long time ago, before we were slaves, the prophet told our forefathers that we would be taken captive and also that we would be delivered.”

“Wow,” the child breathed.

“You see, we were not obeying the laws of God, and this is why we would be taken captive, but God made a promise to Abraham a long time ago. He told him that He would bless his children, and not only them, but everyone in the future who would hear about Him and serve Him. God loves us so much He would not let us stay captive forever.”

“Does He love me, too?” Martha asked.

“Yes, Martha. That is why He told the prophet that He would send someone to set us free. And when He comes, He will send us back to Jerusalem, our true home. Then we will be free again.”

“Jerusalem!” Martha echoed, “Father has told us that the great temple is there.” Then she suddenly exclaimed, “But, Mother! The temple was destroyed!”

“Yes, but we will build it again—and worship God in it.”

“Oh! May I help to build it?”

“We’ll see, Martha. We’ll see.”

Martha thought about what her mother said as she watched her hang out the washing, and then she said, “Mother?”

“Yes, Martha?”

“Do you know the Deliverer?”

Martha’s mother smiled, and with a twinkle in her eyes she said, “That’s another story, for another day. Now run along, dear. There’s work to be done.”

So Martha ran off in the direction of the fields and her friends. Then she stopped as she heard her mother call after her.

“Don’t worry, Martha. He will come.”

Julaine Clunis, Ensom City, Jamaica