The Chosen Team

Preface: By revealing what the true motive in ministry must be, Paul can help us all examine our hearts and lives in light of the gospel.

To the unsaved, the preaching of the cross is foolishness because they don’t care about it. It has no meaning to them. To the people who are saved, the cross tells of the power of God. It’s where Jesus overcame everything in the world.

Brilliant people will perish. People think they are changing the world, but it is all through God’s power. People are being fooled by Satan every day into thinking their own inventions or innovations have caused things to happen. Human beings are not wise. The credit is seldom given to the One who is really in charge. Our Father is always in control, even when He is on the sidelines or standing behind the curtain.

People didn’t accept Jesus Christ when He came. The reason we preach the gospel today is so people will come to know God and His wisdom and to accept and believe in Jesus Christ. Without Jesus where would we be? What would be the purpose of living? Let’s kill those we Don’t like, steal whatever it is we want, let self run wild, and do whatever feels good. Our Savior makes the difference, for His lifestyle was completely selfless. He is our example.

The Greeks had their gods, and neither the Jews nor the Greeks believed in Jesus as divine or as the Messiah. Jesus was a stumbling block to the Jews. They didn’t believe in Him. They crucified Jesus, and when He died, He died for everyone, not just the Jews and Greeks. Everyone put Him on the cross, because “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23, NIV). It was sin that caused the death of the Son of God.

When Jesus went up to be crucified, He had the wisdom and knowledge of what He was doing and for whom He was doing it. Sometimes when we sin, I wonder whether we ever stop to realize the pain He went through. Would you do the same thing if you were in His shoes? We have to take the wisdom and knowledge that He gives us and take it to heart. When we tell others about Christ, do we do it for self-gratification and pride or for truly bringing someone closer to Him? Knowledge is the key to success; joy, love, peace, and happiness come from knowing Jesus, and then you can work out your problems knowing God is with you.