Faithful Unto Death

Preface: True evangelism leads to relationships that can stand the test of time and last for eternity.

It is August 1996. This is the month for camp meetings in Tanzania. At this particular camp meeting is a 19-year-old woman singing in the choir who is the only Seventh-day Adventist in her family. Her family does not want her to be an Adventist. They have tried every method to stop her from going to church, but her determination is undeterred.

On the last day of the camp meeting, her mother and brother warn her that if she goes to the meetings she will pay dearly for her disobedience. But she cannot afford to miss the last day of the camp meeting. In the evening, the tradition is to have a musical program. Everyone looks forward to this grand moment. She decides to go despite the threats.

Upon her arrival at the camp meeting, she confides in one of her friends that her brother has threatened her. The musical program is electrifying, and the pastor makes a call for people to rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ. The entire congregation stands. The 19-year-old is one of them. Before she leaves, she tells her friend to pray for her because she does not know what awaits her when she arrives home.

The idea that the Lord has blessed the camp meeting is expressed frequently as people prepare to leave. Some go to tents and cabins on the campground. Others, who live nearby, head for home.

She is one of those returning home. Her brother meets her at the door and asks where she has been. She answers that she has been at the meetings. The brother tells her that he will teach her a lesson she will not forget for a long time. Seated nearby, her mother encourages her brother to teach her a lesson.

Though he probably did not intend to, the brother beat the young woman to death. She is now in the grave, waiting for the second coming of Jesus.

Motivated by his love for Christ, Paul sacrificed self and decided to go and preach the gospel in Corinth. When one makes such a decision to go to Corinth and witness for Christ the devil may do anything. Ours is to be faithful unto death, and the Lord promises us a crown of life (Rev. 2:10).