Love Lasts Forever

Preface: Our assurance of God’s promises must be based on our confidence in His Holy Scriptures.   

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Prov. 3:5, NIV).

I remember as a teenager asking my mom for advice: should I go out with this person or that one? Should I become involved in a serious relationship? What type of part-time job would be best for me? These were important issues at that stage of life. I trusted my mom, knowing she would tell me what was right for me, partly from the knowledge she had incurred and partly from her own experience. Sometimes she would express her ideas and thoughts to me; at other times she would tell me, “Do what you think is right. I don’t want you to come back and say that it’s my fault because you listened to me.” Great advice!

The Holy Spirit speaks to each one of us and we receive the utmost from Him that is humanly possible. Without the Holy Spirit’s presence we couldn’t discern the things of heaven, nor could we communicate with the Father. The Spirit works as a two-way communication device between heaven and earth. Jesus says we’re not baptized with water only but, also, with the Spirit.

When I read the story of Jesus’ life and death, how He was beaten, spat upon, and mocked, I wonder and marvel at how He endured the shame and torture. He was the Son of God, had lived and ruled in heaven, and had given all that up to save sinners such as you and me! “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness” (Jer. 31:3, NIV).

God speaks to us in many ways, but the main source is through the Bible. As we study the Bible, He teaches us and shows us His love and concern. Each book has a special, different message for us. We can study all the books we get our hands on and we’ll learn only about worldly things, which avail us nothing. Only the Word of God can teach us in spiritual matters. Our Father is always there and His advice is never wrong!

Life, eternal life, through Jesus Christ, is the greatest gift that we can possibly receive. And it is free. We have to do nothing to inherit it; it has all been done for us. What an amazing thought!