The Chosen Team

Preface: Evangelism and witnessing are the means by which the mustard seed (the church of God) becomes a huge tree that fills the whole world.

I nervously bite my bottom lip, as one by one my classmates are called. Ann goes to one side of the playground, Seth to the other. It’s recess time, which means another game of kickball. The most anticipated—in some cases, dreaded—30 minutes in the day of a grade-schooler.

Do you remember? You’re standing with the others as nonchalantly as possible, while your eyes plead with the kickball captains, “Pick me! Come on! Pick me!” It doesn’t matter whose team you end up on, just as long as you’re not the last one picked.

There I am, a nervous 8-year-old mess, watching as the captains carefully choose their teams. They pass over the smaller, less-coordinated players, and head straight for the big kickers. I know I’ll be standing around for a while.

The huddle of potential kick ballers is thinning quickly. Please! Won’t somebody pick me? So what if I can’t kick the ball more than 20 feet? So what if I’m always a guaranteed “out”? I’ve got team spirit. I’m an excellent cheerleader. Hey, I’m even good at cleaning dirt off the ball.

The cluster of kids is now down to four . . . three . . . two . . . . Finally, I’m picked! I’m saved from the humiliation of being the last. You know, the one who doesn’t even get his name called. He just slinks over to his team as discreetly as possible. For once, I’m not that person. I’m not the leftover. That means I’ve got to give it everything I’ve got.

Today I’m going to kick just a little harder, run a bit faster, and clean that kick ball until it shines. Why? Because someone thought I was worth it, and I’m going to prove him right. Next recess, the captains will be fighting over me.

God has chosen His team—albeit, in this game, there are no leftover players. Each of us can go first in the pick, so to speak. It doesn’t matter if we’re scrawny or slow. He doesn’t care if we’re full of faults. We have been picked by the greatest team Captain ever. He has chosen us to reach others. He desires for us to add teammates to our team, including everyone we meet. He desires for the team to expand so that the entire world is included, with a role and a goal in mind. That means we have an unbelievable opportunity to show Him how much we appreciate His love and attention. Not only that, God has a game plan that requires active and willing players. Just as He promised the people of Israel, so He promises us innumerable blessings if we but follow His direction.

It’s time to win this game. And I’m not talking kickball.