This is a wedding no one should want to miss.

True Love

By Lyndelle Brower Chiomenti, Editor, CQ Bible Study Guide

The month of May begins the season for weddings. Between now and October, most of the nuptials that will occur in any given year will take place during these months.1 And regardless of how large or small someone’s budget is, one of the top three most expensive items sold during these months will be bridal gowns.2 To save money, many brides-to-be find something suitable in ivory or white in the evening wear section of a department store or in the bride’s maid section of a wedding store.3 For many young women, this dress will likely be one of the most significant and valued pieces of clothing they will ever purchase.

Grooms also want to look their best. Their coat, pants, vest, cummerbund, tie, cufflinks, and pocket square, usually rented from high end men’s clothing stores rather than purchased, will be altered to a perfect fit. One popular chain of men’s clothing stores even features a Build a Tux feature on their Web site so some decisions can be made in the comfort of home in front of a computer.4

Even the Bible discusses appropriate wedding attire. In Matthew 22:1‒14, Jesus tells His disciples a story about a wedding guest who dressed inappropriately despite the fact that the king sponsoring the wedding graciously provided the invitees with the proper apparel. When the king saw this man, he had him thrown out.

The wedding attire made available by the king represents “the righteousness of Christ.”5 So “the rejection of the garment represents the rejection of those traits of character that qualify men to become sons and daughters of God. Like the guests in the parable, we have nothing suitable of our own to wear. We are acceptable in the presence of the great God only when clad in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, by virtue of His merits.”6

“The man without a wedding garment represents professed Christians who feel no need of a transformation character. . . .”7

Revelation 19:6‒9, however, presents a happier ending, for in verse 8 we read about the ultimate wedding garment and those who are worthy to wear it. In this verse, the “fine linen” worn by Christ’s bride, His church, refers “particularly to the sanctified deeds of the Christian, his victorious life developed by the grace of the indwelling Christ. . . .”8 And instead of the weeping and gnashing of teeth” in Matthew 22:13, we hear the saved rejoicing and praising God (Rev. 19:7). This is a wedding no one should want to miss. Christ is extending the invitation to all of us today. Indeed, He Himself is delivering the invitation. He is standing at your heart’s door, knocking (Rev. 3:20). Won’t you let Him in now?
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