Getting and Giving

Preface: Whatever the important training, we must first be grounded in our relationship with Jesus before we can be “properly equipped” to effectively witness for our faith. 

Christians have always questioned how to go about preaching the truth more effectively. Sometimes the programs and events take too much time and effort, and they find that a theoretical or practical solution is beyond imagination. The better questions might be: How can we love God more? How can we appreciate our own need for the truth? Before we can truly witness, we need to have come to terms with the essence of how much God has loved and forgiven each of us. A wise statement that seems to disclose the key to successful Christianity is: “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving!”

This says that the order in which we approach the way we live our lives is important. Giving people the truth for the sake of it is hard work—a task we all fail at every day! But by developing an appreciation for God and a relationship with Him, the Giver and Source of love, we have a divine motivation and a spiritual potency that empowers us to be the kind of Christians we all want to be. The following are suggestions that might help us better embrace and comprehend what God has done for us.

Read about it. The nature of God’s grace and forgiveness is abundant in both the Old and the New Testaments. The life of Jesus is guaranteed to give you great insight into what it means to love and evangelize. By looking at Him, our shortcomings are vividly highlighted.

Pray about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of your need for Christ. Then you will appreciate more the magnitude of what He has done for you. With this appreciation, you are better able to tell others of His love.

Let God do the motivating. Only He can give us the strength we need to live the Christian life. Yes, we have to do our part, but it first starts with surrendering everything to Him.

So, how do you preach the truth most effectively? By effectively trusting the Truth-Giver.