God task-juggles every prayer, sees every tear, smiles at every conversion.

God is the MultiTasker

By Ricardo Bacchus, CQ Editorial Assistant

So I prayed to God this morning. Asked Him for wisdom and strength to get through the day. Pleaded to bless my good friend and his many hardships. Praised Him for dying on the cross. Prayed for forgiveness in my life and my ability to love the unlovable. After concluding my prayer, an extraordinary thought came to me. I wondered how many people around the world had been praying to God at the very exact moment I was praying to Him. How could God retain full attention to my prayer, while concurrently attending to the millions of other voices extending heaven-bound?   

Studies show that multitasking may seem more efficient on the surface, but may actually take more time in the end.1 Multitasking also causes less productivity than just concentrating on one project at a time.2 As I write this article, I must confess that I am multitasking. I am checking my work email, talking to coworkers, and posting on the Facebook CQ page. I find it extremely difficult to focus on just one assignment at a time. Now think, how is God able to listen to every single prayer lifted up to the throne of grace without missing a beat?

“None are to indulge in speculation regarding His nature. Here silence is eloquence. The Omniscient One is above discussion.”3 We are unable to comprehend this amazing phenomenon. And although we may never know how He does it, God knows everything! He task-juggles every prayer, sees every tear, smiles at every conversion. Simultaneously. He is the all-time Attention-Switcher. And His productivity and efficiency do not slow down.

Never feel that God is too busy to listen to your heartfelt cries. He has time for you. His ears and arms are wide open. Call, email, text Him. Not only will he listen, but He will respond.
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