The Answer Is . . . Christ

Preface: For many moderns, God has dwindled into a noble “example.” Or He has been diluted into a concept useful for organizing world peace. He’s not, however, seen as a Personality whom we can feel any love for. But Scripture insists that God is a passionate lover and we can learn from Him.   

While Jesus was here on earth, He demonstrated to us how we should live our lives. This was one of His main objectives. Christ taught how to love, resist temptation, have stronger faith, and He showed us that He is the true Lord of relationships.

Paul writes, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her” (Eph. 5:25, NIV). Here Paul uses Christ as the example for an ideal, true relationship. The deepest, most intimate relationship that two humans can share is the relationship between a husband and a wife. So not only does this text apply to a marriage relationship, but it applies to any lesser relationship. We could plug in any two people here and this text would still hold true: mothers, love your daughters…, sisters, love your brothers…, friends love your neighbors… Christ loved every one of us and didn’t just give Himself up for married couples, but for everyone. This text is the backbone for all relationships, because it centers on Christ.

This verse can alone prove that Christ is truly Lord of love and our relationships. When Jesus was alive, He told us that His commandment was to love one another, like He loved us, and that the greatest love was to die for a friend (John 15:12, 13). This points directly to Ephesians 5:25. We are to love our neighbor, the person sitting next to us at church, in class, or at work. Why? For one reason: because Jesus loved us first. It doesn’t end there; He commands us to be willing to die for one another. Jesus has not only told us how to interact and have relationships with one another, but He is in one with us right now. The relationship that He has with us is unceasing, unlimited, and forgiving. His willingness to die for me and all people proves that He is the Lord of our relationships.