Preparing for the Harvest

Preface: God’s skills as an artist have been underrated. His created world is often appreciated, but the expression of His artistic skills extends His great abilities much further. God designs that Christians especially should be a source of “beauty” in a dark and dying planet.

In the first garden on earth, the Gardener walked with His creatures. Then the enemy sowed the seed of doubt; accusing God of being everything he himself was—unfair, self–promoting, a liar. The seed grew and multiplied over the centuries until the “seed of the Woman” came. His name was Jesus, Savior. He cried and prayed in another garden while His friends slept. He showed us what the Gardener is like. He left us with all we need to grow until He returns for the harvest. The wheat and the tares will grow together, but, in the end, the garden of happiness will be restored both around us and within us.

In the meantime, we, His followers, are to shine in this world. He has created us artistically, glowing and radiant for Him.

The lessons of the garden help us to learn and yearn for Jesus:

Get to know the Gardener. When you know Him, you will trust Him to manage and nurture your life. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you: intentionally seek Him out in the study of the Bible, in unceasing communication with Him, in the fellowship of other seekers, in the circumstances of your life. Prepare to eventually reach the crisis and joy of surrender.

Yearn for the rain. Pray for the assurance of His presence like you would for your very breath. He is more willing to give the Holy Spirit than a father is to give good gifts to His children (Luke 11:13). Without this gift, you lack true comfort, discernment, peace, and power.

Wait patiently for the fruit. Do not force the blooms open or despair of ever seeing fruit. Growth is natural and the fruit perfect at each stage as long as the plant is connected to and tended by the Source of Life. When discouraged, ask Him for forgiveness and strength and know that he uses the weakest to prove that He is the strongest within us. Pray for the same merciful spirit to forgive ourselves and others. Be assured that the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22, 23) will be revealed. A healthy, thriving garden is a living testament to the character of the Gardener. The enemy hates that! The world needs it.