The Prayer of Faith

Preface: No question, there are a lot of things about prayer that we don’t grasp. But those who pray do know one thing for sure: prayer will change your life, and for the better, as well.         

A prayer of faith is key to a Christian life. It’s a privilege God has given us. But do you notice sometimes that when you pray, it just becomes a routine—the same old prayer that goes over and over? In such a case, we may not be thinking of the words that we are uttering—how much more their meaning! We also do not realize that a prayer is “the breath of the soul.” How is that so? Man can’t live without air for five minutes. Like prayer, we can’t live with a lack of it or we will soon end up spiritually dead. Moreover, not all types of gases can be used for breathing life—there’s a specific type of air (oxygen) that is needed by our body so that we can function normally and continue to exist. Like oxygen, there is also a certain quality in prayer that a Christian spirit can normally live with. But when we are not praying sincerely or confessing our “darling” sins, we are actually breathing polluted air. And God may not hear those that are impure. “If we regard iniquity in our hearts, if we cling to any known sin, the Lord will not hear us; but the prayer of the penitent, contrite soul is always accepted.”* “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16, NRSV).

Constant communion with God is needed. Like exercising proper breathing regularly, prayer must be habitual. But it shouldn’t be repetitious in a sense that we’re taking it for granted. We must think that we’re not righteous by ourselves, for all have sinned. So we must accept that we are sinners and we need God.

Jesus is the best example of a prayerful man. He is also the Lord of our prayers. When He was on this earth, He made prayer a top priority in His life. As busy as His life was, He still communed with God. And because we love Him, we must also follow Jesus. We must also do what Jesus did—commune with God no matter how busy life is.

In our Christian lives, we encounter many temptations. All we can do is to pray and commune with God. So the next time we say a prayer to God, we should think and remember that it’s a great privilege that we mustn’t take for granted. Mean every word that you say, and do whatever you promised God that you would do. Always remember too that a true prayer of faith is like the air that makes us alive—that is a requirement for survival and you can’t live without it!
*Steps to Christ, p. 95.