Rumble in the Jungle

Preface: This week, as we continue to look at the question of worship, we are going to look at a certain kind of evil that has brought devastating consequences to God’s people and to humanity in general. We can view what this evil did to ancient Israel, but we need to ask the important question about just how susceptible we are to it ourselves.

Listen and you will hear. Look and you will see. See what? Hear what? The wonders of God’s creation, the joy of His handiwork. Romans 1:20 clearly demonstrates to us that the God we serve is a mighty God, a God of order and beauty, a God who is always in control. Through nature God is revealed, His qualities and personality.

I love to watch wildlife programs. It’s fascinating to see how God reveals Himself and His plans for you and me. One thing that always captures my attention is the sea life: watching the largest to the smallest fish, seeing how they are equipped to protect themselves against prey, how they feed, how they change shape and color to suit their environment.

I have to say Hallelujah because it makes me realize that if God can provide for even the smallest fish of the sea, what more can He do for you and me? Through nature God reveals that even in the darkest hour, He will bring us through and when all fails, God will never fail. 

Before sin showed its ugly face on earth, all was perfect. Adam and Eve found pleasure in the wonders of His hands; but seduced by the devil and his lies, they fell to temptation and lost the pleasures of knowing and having perfection. Therefore, in order for us to really understand the laws of nature, we have to seek this knowledge from the Creator Himself (John 1:4). Even though sin entered the world and disfigured the perfection of God’s work, we can still see in nature His eternal power, invisible qualities, and divine nature. Read Psalm 19:1–6.

If, through nature, we are able to praise and glorify His name, is it not time for us to show our neighbors—through our lifestyle—the power, love, kindness, and peace of God? From this day forward ensure that the life you lead . . .

  • Glows like the moon,
  • Praises His name like the roaring ocean,
  • Models His beauty like the stars of the skies,
  • Sings praises like the birds,
  • Whistles sweet melodies like the wind, and
  • Points to God’s glory like the flowers of the earth.