Dancing, Praising, and Making Tents

Preface: This week we will look at the Psalms and some of the themes found in them and how these themes relate to the question of worship and what it means for us today.

Each of us is a product of our heritage, environment, and genetics. Having been raised in South India by parents of South Indian and Finnish heritage, my early life was exciting to say the least. My heritage has given me the capacity to experience extreme depths and heights like nothing else I know. My eloquent sister, Joanna, defines these poles as “fire and ice;” and when fire and ice mix, you get steam!

Greater than our heritage is the presence, glory, and power of God as manifested in His Word, which endures forever. In every biblical scenario, God always has the punchline. His Word commands influence, power, and authority; but the element that fascinates me the most is its deeply personal, life-transforming nature. Like a trusted best friend, the Bible is always there. We can’t offend it. It always has a smile for us, but will rebuke us when we need it. It is gentle, peaceful, wise, and patient. Studying God’s Word is precious to me—a form of worship—yet I know there’s more. Over two decades ago, God chose me and set my feet upon a rock. He took me by the hand and started me on a journey through the Bible. The little I knew then seems cringe-worthy now, but just as no one mocks a toddler taking her first steps, God has not mocked me. He has only positive thoughts toward me. Imagine that! His Word was and is always with me. There were times when I was immersed in it; and there were times when I totally neglected it. But despite my meanderings and experiments with life, God’s Word stands.

Immersion in the Word of God is better than any detergent known to humankind! Its power-shower washes you, scrubs you clean, and purifies the innermost parts—and you come up fresh, smiling, and joyful. God is faithful, graceful, and merciful. He only consumes the ugly bits to reveal your true beauty. There were times when I’ve felt like I was in a boil-wash. But I always came out alive and changed.

I have found treasure! It is exciting, thrilling, rejuvenating. I have found something that lasts forever. I want to dance with King David, sing praises with Miriam, and make tents with Paul. I want to meet and be super-woman from Proverbs 31!

In Christ, I am free from condemnation, guilt, and the curse of death. I am peaceful beyond understanding. The reality of this has ignited something unquenchable in my spirit. “In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I am not afraid; what can flesh do to me?” (Ps. 56:4, NRSV). “He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit and destruction” (Ps. 107:20, AMP).

And so, my heart is filled with gratitude, praise, and worship, for He is worthy to be praised!