Nehemiah | Week 13

inSight: Only One Pattern

Jesus was a perfect pattern of what we should be.

He was the strictest observer of His Father's law,yet He moved in perfect freedom.

He had all the fervor of the enthusiast,yet He was calm, sober, and self-possessed.

He was elevated above the common affairs of the world,yet He did not exclude Himself from society.

He dined with publicans and sinners,played with little children, and took them in His arms and blessed them.

He graced the wedding feast with His presence.He shed tears at the grave of Lazarus.

He was a lover of the beautiful in nature and used the lilies to illustrate the value of natural simplicity in the sight of God, above artificial display.He used the occupation of the husbandman to illustrate the most sublime truths…

His zeal never degenerated into passionnor His consistency into selfish obstinacy.

His benevolence never savored of weaknessnor His sympathy of sentimentalism.

He combined the innocence and simplicity of the childwith manly strength, all-absorbing devotion to God with tender love for man.

He possessed commanding dignitycombined with winning grace of humility.

He manifested unyielding firmnesswith gentleness.

May we live daily in close connectionwith this perfect, faultless character.

We have not six patterns to follow, nor five;we have only one, and that is Christ Jesus.

[In Heavenly Places, p.54]