Nehemiah | Week 12


Discuss the following questions with your Bible study group.

  • Why is it so important for leaders to reflect on the past?
  • How can the prayer of remembrance be operationalized?
  • How does a social media / tech-savvy culture erode away at the ability to reflect?
  • How can technology help us to reflect?
  • What powerful insights have emerged from studying how God has led in your life?
  • As much as forgetfulness has spiritual repercussions, in what ways can forgetting be beneficial?
  • Why is there an aversion to remembering and reflecting?
  • What are the lessons we can learn from reflecting spiritually, personally, collectively, nationally, and as a church?
  • How can we stop forgetting God’s goodness?
  • How does remembering His character help us in future trials?What deeper revelation of God emerges?