Nehemiah | Week 11

inVite: Day by Day

Though it may look formulaic, the recipe for revival is not meant to be simplistic. However, it is indeed simple—there’s a difference between the simplistic and the simple. God seeks to gather His people together to read, to revere, to understand, to respond, and to obey His Word. Though the Holy Spirit cannot be manipulated and like “the wind blows where it wishes” (John 3:8), we can still create optimal conditions for His moving. Revival does not require intricate procedures or psycho-social techniques that appeal to the masses. Too often, they are large performances laced with an impersonal spirituality. It’s as simple as getting to know what God has said and says to us today together.

More than only at gatherings and convocations, Jesus seeks to have this experience with us “day by day” (Neh. 8:18). We are to invest in our relationship with God daily, not out of some legal obligation, but because relationships take time. That which we love foremost is that which we invest in daily (Luke 11:3; 2 Cor. 4:6). In today’s tempo of instantaneous ridesharing, food service, social communication, and commercial transactions, there is no handheld device, nor app, nor one-minute crowdsourced product that can bring about personal revival.

It’s simply and intimately between you and Jesus, every day. Ironically, it is this simplicity and intimacy that our generation yearns for. Technology, touchscreens, and Tinder cannot provide this level of connectedness. It’s found in time. Not only through the seventh-day Sabbath of the week (which is the apex, of course), but the God of time uses the medium of time to interact with us through His Word. Jesus reveals our motives, our inconsistencies, hypocrisies, and discrepancies. He reads our hearts. And in this intimate relationship, we don’t mind being so well known, or at least we shouldn’t. Though we may not see the change of Christlikeness instantaneously, that temporal investment over a long period of time will yield fruit in our lives.

To this God of intimacy, our response should be with contrition, “Yes, Lord, how should I live and who should I love today?” We may be called to call fire down from heaven as Elijah, to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem as Nehemiah, or visit with a social outcast and love them as Jesus did. Will you commit to a day by day intimate relationship with Jesus today?