Nehemiah | Week 11

inTro: Reviving Revivals

What is usually thought of when thinking about contemporary revivals? A renowned speaker, a large venue or facility with state-of-the-art sound systems and speakers, aggressive advertising on multiple platforms, wide-scale contiguous outreach activities, and magnificent music with recognized names are the usual components when putting a revival together. But what is it that makes a revival a revival? Do all these peripheral elements defines a revival? What does the Bible have to say about revivals?

This is the chapter where we find those answers. By God’s grace, now that Nehemiah has taken care of the enemies, the wall, and the city, he moves on to the religious arena, seeking spiritual restoration. If you have been following along the chiasm of the book of Nehemiah, we started with prayer in chapter 1, revival in 2, organization in 3, and opposition in 4. We hit the apex in chapter 5 in the character and ministry of Jesus! We boomeranged back to opposition in 6, organization in 7, and now again, revival in this chapter. (You can also guess what chapter 9 will be about!).

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 8