Nehemiah | Week 10

inVite: The Visa of Victory

A policy was enacted to assure that those living in Jerusalem were pure Jews and had to be registered by genealogy. This ensured the citizens had a genetic connection to the city, thereby preventing the enemies of God coming back in.

However, some groups could find no genealogical record of their ancestry, as stated in verse 61–65. Instead of incorporating them into the group, they were “excluded from the priesthood as defiled.” Later in the New Testament, 1 Tim. 1:4 and Titus 3:9 discourage the practice of checking genealogies. By this time, genealogies had become an “endless” and futile exercise, no longer being concerned with security but exclusivity. Rather, the theology of Ephesians brings out that Gentiles and Jews can now be one together, if they are in Christ (Eph. 2:11–22). This is a revolutionary thought! Paul speaks out against the divide that kept Gentiles and Jews separate for centuries, not on the basis of justice, but on the basis of Jesus Christ!

Jesus is the only One who has the right to be living in the New Jerusalem. As long as our “genealogy” is found to be connected to Christ, our citizenship, regardless of being a Jew or Gentile, is now assured in the heavenly city! So we do away with our earthly cultural records and replace them with our connection with Christ. The implications are that a new culture is being created in Christ, called the church! Two people of different nationalities, cultures, or races have more common with each other in Christ than someone from their own gene pool. This is the power of Christ’s blood!