Nehemiah | Week 10

inTro: Pivot to People

Up to this point in the book, Nehemiah had overcome many obstacles: external opposition from international coalition forces, internal social conflicts within the community, and the logistics of rebuilding the walls within two months! His answer to these issues were primarily prayer and dependence on God, while maintaining a focus on the immediate work before him.

But aside from the immediate objective, Nehemiah’s main purpose was still something higher—a purpose somewhat obscured from view until now. He was to rebuild, not only Jerusalem, but the people of Jerusalem. For what is a walled city without people to inhabit it?

Biblical leadership must always be concerned for people. While business, science, and politics focus on the objective leadership tasks at hand with values such as profit, progress, and power, biblical leadership always takes into account the people. We will discover that Nehemiah’s leadership sought restoration of the community and its connection with God.

While the first six chapters of the book focused on the material restoration of the walls, chapters 8 through 13 now pivot to the spiritual restoration of the people.

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