Nehemiah | Week 09

inTro: Blind Sight

Modern medicine now has the ability to heal some forms of congenital blindness. Using the latest restorative procedures, the eye can be corrected. However, to the brain that has never seen the spectrum of the rainbow, the different intensities of light, and the various forms of shapes, nothing registers. Though the physical condition of the eye is functioning, the mind itself needs to be healed. Beyond the work of the physicians, the brain itself must be reprogrammed. So when Jesus healed the boy who had been blind since birth (John 9), giving him the ability not only to see, but to recognize everything, it was a tremendous miracle! Jesus healed, not just his eyes, but regenerated his mind too.

Similarly, though our eyes might be functioning, we also need the miracle of sight. Not physical sight, but our spiritual vision needs remedying so that we may discern different entities at work. Simple things like invitations, letters, and words may not be so simple. This week’s lesson looks at two instances in chapter 6 where the veil of blindness was lifted and discernment was granted.

Read This Week’s Passage: Nehemiah 6:10–19