Nehemiah | Week 06

inVite: Hand in Hand

One great spiritual insight of this chapter is the divine principle of cooperation. We tend to fluctuate between too much divinity and too much humanity. (We are not talking about the incarnational nature of Christ, by the way—He is 100% divine and 100% human!) On one hand, there’s a ditch that says that God does everything, so we do not have to do anything—not look for a job, not do our devotions, not try to live a godly life. Or we might swing to the other ditch that says we do everything and God does nothing—stressing out about getting a job, thinking our salvation is dependent on our devotional life, and trying to life a godly life by our own strength. The solution is a tightrope between these two ditches.

Without a doubt, all power is ascribed to God—He is the One that makes all things happen. But for us to access His power requires our willing submission to Him. Whether it’s asking God for help or turning our hearts to Him in time of need, we have a part to play to access heaven’s resources. It is not a formula where if you do 0.02 of x, then 4y will pour down from heaven. Rather, it is all based on a solid relationship between us and God—a living, real-time, emotional, rational, social, and spiritual interaction between two parties.

“Herein is revealed the outworking of the divine principle of cooperation, without which no true success can be attained. Human effort avails nothing without divine power; and without human endeavor, divine effort is with many of no avail. To make God’s grace our own, we must act our part. His grace is given to work in us to will and to do, but never as a substitute for our effort.” (Lift Him Up, Ellen White, p. 193)

“The influence of the Spirit of God is brought to combine with human agencies. The power is all of God but there must be a cooperation. The God of heaven does not work for man without his cooperation. The Spirit of God unites with the human effort. Thus it is that we become laborers together with God. (Manuscript 3, 1888, 1, 2, Ellen White)

Won’t you reach out by faith and accept the boundless resources heaven offers?